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How Volumetric Mixers Work

How do volumetric concrete mixers work? What differentiates a volumetric concrete mixer from traditional barrel mixers is that every necessary ingredient for concrete production is contained and carried on the unit. This includes admixtures, cement powder, sand, stone, and water. Arrington Concrete proudly uses Cemen Tech C Series volumetric mixers for its concrete production. This proven process below shows how volumetric concrete mixers work to make your next concrete project marvelous.

1. Sand and stone stay separated in open aggregate bins. 

2. A closed, watertight bin stores cement powder behind the aggregate bins.

3. An auxiliary tank at the front of the mixer carries and provides the necessary water.

4. Admixture tanks, found on the side of the unit, integrate into the system.

5. Once the aggregate bins are loaded and the mixer is on-site, the operator selects the correct mix design for the job. The sand and stone gate adjusts to the correct position based on the mix design, along with the water flow rate, and if needed, the admixture.

6. Concrete production begins when the operator presses the start button, found on the control panel.

7. As the sand and stone flow from their bins, they pass under the "strike off" gates. The materials then pass under the cement bin and fall into the mixing auger.

8. The cement bin meters, or measures, the correct amount of cement into the mix. Dual auger cement metering means consistent mix designs within plus-minus one percent for every pour.

9. All materials simultaneously enter the continuous mixer where they're thoroughly mixed by Cemen Tech's unique mix auger.

10. The mix auger carries a consistent concrete mixture to the discharge chute.

11. The volumetric mixer continues to pour fresh concrete until the operator stops the unit and the delivery is complete.