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Why Is My Concrete Cracking & Failing?

Cracking and failing concrete may be more common than you think. There are multiple factors that may be causing this to happen. From weather to structural support, determining the causes behind your concrete cracking will fix the issue. 

In this article we will discuss the reasons your concrete may be cracking and failing. 

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If the land under your concrete is not stable and firm it may cause your slab to shift. When that movement within the structure starts to take place deep cracking will likely appear. Structural cracking has the ability to spread quickly, leaving it hard to fix. To stop this from occurring make sure your concrete is structurally supported by the area around and underneath it. 


Weather and environmental aspects can damage the cement and other materials that go into making your final concrete mix. Protecting your cement and materials from the possibility of moisture or other weather related impacts is vital to a strong consistent product. The use of traps, indoor storage and other protective areas will help keep the integrity of the concrete. 

Your concrete should be tested throughout the year during all different weather types to provide intel on how it withholds varying temperatures. This will allow you to prevent issues with your concrete down the line. Adding a sealant to your concrete surface will help to strengthen it against the elements. A sealant will protect the surface and keep the concrete from expanding and contracting.


Standing weight in a consistent area of your concrete may be a cause of cracking or pitting in your concrete. Heavy vehicles or equipment should be moved around to help keep the balance of weight distributed on your concrete surface. 


Making sure you keep up repairs throughout the year is important. Whether it’s small or large cracks they tend to spread quickly and create issues. Repair must be done correctly or it can cause further damage to your concrete. Take a professional about the cracks in your concrete. They will be able to get to the root issue of the crack and repair them to prevent continuous damage to your concrete.