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How To Care For Your Concrete

Taking care of your concrete is essential for the longevity and sustainability of the concrete. Knowing how to care for your concrete can prevent damages and cracking.

In this article we will discuss the 5 ways to care for your concrete.

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1. Clean & Seal The Concrete Surface

Making sure your concrete surface is cleared of any debris is a routine you want to be in. Whether it’s sweeping or power washing the surface of your concrete, keeping your concrete surface clean is important. Not getting debris off your surfaces can cause damages to your concrete surfaces.

It’s recommended to wash the surface, such as a driveway, every one to two weeks. Once clean, apply a sealer to protect your concrete once the surface dries.

2. Immediately Clean Up Stains

Even though sealants do help to protect the surface of your concrete other materials can cause stains and get into the concrete. Car oil is an example of material that stains concrete. It is important to clean up car oil or other oils from your surface as soon as possible.

3. Pay Attention To Chemicals

Household cleaners should never be used to clean the surface of your concrete. They are not meant to keep the integrity of the concrete and can weaken the surface. Products that you choose to use should be specifically made to clean concrete.

4. Manage Plant & Root Growth

The landscaping around your home or business may be healthy and pristine, but the root systems can damage the structure from below. Regularly trimming a plant or tree’s roots is the best way to hedge against future issues. As the roots grow, they may push the concrete upward, causing cracks. When this happens, replacement is the only option.

5. Limit Parking Heavy Vehicles & Equipment On The Surface

The concrete in your driveway is made for everyday vehicles. Residential concrete may look sturdy but shouldn’t be used for heavy vehicle traffic. Parking recreational vehicles for long periods of time may cause weak spots and pitting in concrete. If you plan to move or park heavy vehicles over a concrete pad or driveway consult a professional about what kind of concrete would be best for the weight.

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